Hotmail is having problems today

Outlook hasn't been functioning properly today. My Hotmail account can neither send nor receive emails, and after checking Google News, it appears that [I am not the only one] who's suffering from this issue.

Earlier this afternoon, I messaged a seller on Avito via a form on their website in order to inquire about a certain product. Avito offers the possibility of emailing you a copy of the message, and although I checked that option in the form, I never received the email.

At first I suspected it was a problem on Avito, or that maybe the email ended up in my spam folder. I then ran a few tests that consisted of sending emails between my main Outook account and my secondary GMail account, then between two Outlook email addresses, both from my mail client and from the web interfaces. Unfortunately, none of the emails were delivered. It was only after I turned to Google for help that I came across the article linked above.

I'm only writing about this to let it be known that this problem is also occurring in Morocco. Most of the articles I read only mention Europe and the UK. Now the question that needs to be asked is this, will the emails eventually be delivered once the problem is fixed or are they lost forever ?

Update of 19/09/2017 : I received the emails yesterday at around 10 PM.


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